Artist: Bob Schneider
Album: I'm Good Now

Album Tracks
1. Come With Me Tonite
2. Medicine
3. A Long Way To Get

4. The Way Life Is
     Supposed To Be

5. I'm Good Now
6. God Is My Friend
7. C'mon Baby
8. The Bridge Builders
9. Captain Kirk
10. Gold In The Sunset
11. Piggyback
12. Getting Better
13. Love Is Everywhere

I have been a huge Bob Schneider fan since 1999. Feels like decades ago. And my love for him (plutonic of course) has yet to wane. His first solo album is still one of my favorites, and this album is held up on the same pedastal as that one.

If you haven't ever listened to Bob, do yourself a favor and listen. He has been described as being influenced and/or sounding like the likes of Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, Bruce Springsteen and even Van Morrison. But to me he is different in that he embodies a laid back, humanistic-ly American spirit to him. You feel like you know him, and more importantly you relate to what he says, and how he says it. Well, at least I do. Both albums have a style that stands out because they, at times, can almost sound like a compilation album. His music sways from slick, earnest rock to anthemic, alternativ, near-folk, funk humor, and even white boy hip-hop tinged rock ("Getting Better").

I guess one of the main reasons I relate to his music is summarized best by a article on Bob that described his songs as "pretty verbose, without conveying much specific other than the sense of a guy rolling with the punches, one day at a time, sometimes with an observational sense of humor".

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