Artist: Gorillaz
Album: Demon Days

Album Tracks
1. Intro
2. Last Living Souls
3. Kids With Guns
4. O Green World
5. Dirty Harry
6. Feel Good Inc.
7. El Manana
8. Every Planet We
     Reach Is Dead
9. November Has Come
10. All Alone
11. White Light
12. DARE
13. Fire Coming Out of
      a Monkey's Head
14. Don't Get Lost
     in Heaven
15. Demon Days

The sophomore album from the cartoon based hip-hop band from the minds of Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett. I have to say I was a bit nervous about their new album coming out. As a big fan of the first album, I was afraid that the second album would in no way live up to the first. The first time around they seemed so fresh, mixing rap, old-school hip hop, funk... with an end result that was new and definitely original.

This second time around I am proud to say that they have kept producing strong work that is original but without selling out who the "band" is. The first time through the album I felt that there were some definite stand outs and some that seemed weak, but the more I listen to it, the more I feel that each song really holds its' own and fits in the album. However songs like Dirty Harry, DARE and of course Feel Good Inc defintely show the strengths for what they are. Songs that at first sound half-finished, reveal themselves to be more subtle. And songs like Feel Good Inc. are a total conjunction of sounds. Tunes are hiding everywhere, buried in backing vocals, icy synthesised refrains, beneath rapping. To me this album only helps to solidify their unique style from wildly disparate elements.

Now all I can hope for is that the world tour they are planning where a 3d virtual Gorillaz band will be performing will be coming to a town near me.