Simply put, how can one not be obsessed with this show?

I cannot believe the responses I have gotten from these desktops. Thanks to everyone for passing them around, linking to them, and just letting me know you enjoy them. I really encourage everyone to continue to send me notes and let me know your thoughts, idea, or any other random tidbit you want to pass along. I constantly get requests for new characters, both from LOST and from other shows, and I love fulfilling people's requests. So please continue to send the to me. However, just bear in mind, that this is just a hobby, and therefore sometimes it takes me a bit to get around to them. If you want to drop me a line, just go to the contact page and send me a message through email or any of the various messaging programs.

Thanks for the support!

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Please feel free to download them and if you ever have a special request for a background, email me and let me know, and if you are lucky I just might do it.... or ignore you. But I will do one or the other. I promise.

iLost - Hurley

iLost - Jack

iLost - Desmond

iLost - Kate

iLost - Sawyer

iLost - Locke

iLost - Charlie

iLost - Jin/Sun

iLost - Claire

iLost - Mr. Eko

iLost - Sayid

iLost - Walt/Michael

iLost - Boone/Shannon

iLost - Island Security System

iLost - Rousseau

iLost - Vincent

iLost - Ana-Lucia

Jack/Kate/Locke Special Request

Widescreen desktop I made of the logo.