POSTED ON Sunday, April 27, 2008
.:: Superman is a straight up jerk....

Seriously? Was there any need for that? Man....


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POSTED ON Monday, March 31, 2008
.:: Desmond.... I know, I know... Finally!
I seriously cannot thank all you all enough for the compliments I receive on a daily or weekly basis about these iLost desktops I made. It started out as just a random fun project for myself, but then I thought that others might enjoy them as well. Apparently I was right. I get thousands of hits a month of people looking specifically for the iLost desktops.

One of the biggest requests I get (seriously... at least once a week) is for a Desmond desktop. Well... here it is.

I hope to get back into doing these occasionally, now that life is a bit more settled. (Though that may or may not last much longer) I am also more than happy for recommendations of a new series or style to take on when I have time, so feel free to email those my way.


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POSTED ON Monday, March 17, 2008
.:: Have you ever....
... found yourself wanting to live in a garbage truck? I can honestly say no. No, I haven't. -- That is til now. I don't know the back story on this thing... but whoever made it is one of my new personal heroes.

Check out more by going here.

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